Our services are multipronged as detailed below.

Our focus is on offering high-quality services for ensuring compliance to Sharia principles in all regional and global business transactions and operations. Service components include:

ZAKAT and VAT Counsultency Services

We provide detailed procedural assistance to ensure that our customers efficiently comply with applicable tax laws and regulations as well as file returns properly.

Assurance Services

Our assurance services include different services. On behalf of our customers, we carry out meticulous review of the internal processes to assess if it conform to specific industry’s regulatory requirements. We also offer strategic opinions on ways to improve the services in compliance with international best practices.

Advisory Services

Our Comprehensive array of advisory Services includes









IT Audit

We assess and ascertain the integrity of customer’s IT system’s security and structure. We also align the IT system’s deliverability with organizational goals and business needs of customers.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

We offer reliable bookkeeping services to businesses and non-profit entities. Our qualified accountants meticulously enter financial data for preparing reports like financial statements, tax returns etc. which reflect the organization’s monetary condition. Also, we excel in preparing various confidential reports exclusive for managers.

Financial Audit

We inspect financial accounts of customer retrospectively for assessing if accounts have been correctly prepared and whether the organization’s financial position is correctly projected.

We conduct internal audit as per client’s specification for suggesting ways to improve the internal control system while mitigating risks.

Operational Audit

Quarterly Internal Audit

We conduct comprehensive analysis of our customer’s business’s procedures, planning, processes, goals and operations for providing recommendations for improvement.

Compliance Audit

We ascertain if business operations of customer are carried out in adherence to regulatory or internal standards.

Our Clients Vouch For Our Efficiency

We have been setting new performance benchmarks with our cutting – edge services.
We relieve our clients from the hassles of documentation, bookeeping, devising effective internal controls etc.

NAHI offers competitive edge to customers in following ways:

  • ASsured reduction in redundant costs
  • Hassle free maintenance of complex books of accounts
  • Ensuring conformance to legal and statutory requirements
  • Making strategic and relevant information available timely
  • Suggestions for incorporating best practices adhered internationally
  • instant customer support and quick troubleshooting
  • Optimum Customer relationship management through prompt action on feedbacks
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Managing tedious and protracted activities for clients
  • Proven advisory services for effective future planning
  • Reduction in administrative costs of clients

NAHI takes Complexities out of taxes,rules and regulations to ensure that client’s can concentrate on leveraging their core competencies so that business bottom lines are favorably impacted and profits grow exponentially.